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M Marzuki Mohamed

M Marzuki Mohamed has extensive experience in the field of Human Capital Development. He creates a learning classroom that is dynamic and memorable. He is a Certified Neuro-Semantics & NLP Trainer and Meta-Coach by the International Society of Neuro-Semantics®. Marzuki also Co-Authored on an internationally published book, 'The Change'.



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M Marzuki Mohamed has extensive experience in the field of Human Capital Development. Not only is he an excellent, dynamic and resourceful instructor of international standing, he is also skilled in the management and leadership of organisation with international experience in the field of construction. As the Managing Director of a construction company in the highly specialised and competitive field of soil improvement, he successfully increased the company turnover 50 times in less than 6 years. Moreover, he took the company to Singapore, Brunei and Thailand.

His success in management and leadership stems from his starting premise that every person is an individual human being and a special entity that makes a difference in this world. Thus, it is with this principle that he ventured into training and teaching to generate widespread and effective impact to this message.

Driven by the mission "to empower individuals in manifesting their inborn potential for the service of mankind," his training and coaching is grounded in Self-Actualization Psychology, which derived its roots in Humanistic Psychology that was co-founded by Abraham Maslow. The difference that makes the difference is that using the tools, techniques and strategies of Neuro-Semantics NLP and Meta-Coaching, he masterfully guides individuals through the process of actualising their highest and best selves. thus, bringing psychology into practical behaviour in daily lives.

He empowers people to increase their limits, level of commitment, higher level of performances of the individual, team and the organisation in achieving the corporate goals. His training employs the Accelerated Learning technology exclusively, which is a proven method in improving the level of comprehension and internalisation of the concepts and learning.

Apart from Malaysia, Marzuki has conducted seminars, talks and courses in the United States of America, United Kingdom, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. Furthermore, other than organisations in Malaysia, he has had the good opportunity to serve Italian-Thai Development Company (Thailand), Hyundai Construction Company, Port of Singapore Authority, Housing Development Board (Singapore) and the Public Works Department of Vietnam.

He is actively involved in enhancing the performance and developing the human capital of corporations through Training, Coaching and Consulting. He is currently the Chief Executive for AL Advancement of Human Potential Sdn. Bhd.

Marzuki is a Certified Neuro-Semantics and NLP Trainer, and Associate Certified Meta-Coach by the International Society of Neuro-Semantics®. He is also a member of the International Leadership Team of the International Society of Neuro-Semantics®.

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