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Hayati Ramlan



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Hayati Ramlan is an individual that has vast experience in managerial level. She has been doing in business and running her own company since 2005, with extensive leadership experience in her Coaching & Training field.

She has been developing her own program such as Managing Emotional Stress, How to Start Your Business, SEI EXtion camp using Hypnotherapy, NLP & Meta-Coaching techniques.

Her specialty is  in making each individual making that progress that they like to take.

Her coaching style is Honour, Respect & Success.

Professional Qualifications

Associate Certified Meta-Coach (ISNS, USA)
Certified NLP Coach
Certified Trainer of Neuro-Semanitcs (ISNS, USA)
Certified Trainer NL Hypnotherapy (NFNLP, USA)
Certified Professional Hypnotherapy (IACT)
Registered Sport & Performance Coach Specialist
Registered PSMB Trainer
Certified Anatomy & Physiology (KKM)
Certified Mass CPR (KKM)
Certified Spa Traditional & Aromatherapy Massage (KPTM)

We're accredited by:

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Meta-Coaching Foundation Malaysia
Meta-Coaching Training System Malaysia

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