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Amin Khan - Neuro-Semantics NLP Trainer

Dr Amin Khan



+6019-331 4008


Management consultant and trainer with a track record in transforming organisations, driving performance, and delivering business change outcomes in both the public and private sectors.

Has deep expertise and wide experience in numerous industry sectors such as airline, airport, tourism, healthcare, agriculture, manufacturing and public sector reforms, and across multiple organizational dimensions.

More than 10 years’ experience in the C-suite and on the board of multinational companies.

A firm advocate of bringing industry and academia together to pursue innovation, and knowledge transfer and enrichment, and deeply passionate helping people to unleash their potential using the Neuro-Semantics tools and techniques.

He is:

PhD in Management, Cranfield University, England

MBA, Cranfield University, England

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, UK

Certified Six Sigma Blackbelt (General Electric)

Certified NLP and Neuro-Semantics master practitioner and trainer

Licensed Meta-Coach, Meta Coach Foundation International 

Associate of Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument network

We're accredited by:

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Meta-Coaching Foundation Malaysia
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